EPITAPH TATTOO is the sister company of printhaus.
My main focus is Engraving, Florals, Filigree, and Blackwork.
I pull most of my inspiration from medieval woodcuts, filigree, nouveau patterns, and victorian ephemera. It is a direct manifestation of printhaus via illustration so the themes overlap.
I AM BASED OUT OF Halifax Nova Scotia at Lyle Street Tattoo Company and I am a PART TIME resident at Black Circle Montreal.
If you would like to book an appointment, please email me  at nicky@printhaus.co or use the  booking form; make sure you include your location and all of the other requested information. 
I require a $200, non-refundable deposit that will go towards your tattoo, which must be sent to LyleStTattoo@hotmail.com.
You MAY use any of my printhaus content as reference when working with me.
Check out the instagram page, or again, email me at nicky@printhaus.co.
A copy of the deposit policy can be found here.